2017 July 9 Trustees Meeting

The following minutes were approved at the August 6 meeting.

Low Kong Brotherhood Association

Minutes of Meeting held on

July 9, 2017 at 1:30 p.m at 51 Huron Street

In Attendance: Kent Ing, Dave Ing, Ken Ing, Kam Tun Ing, David Ing, Jerry Ng, Susan Eng, Liz, Eng, Ryan Ing, Caleb Ing, Eric Ing, Diana Ing, David Ing, Jack (Moon Few) Ing, Hen Gee Ing, Jack Ing, plus several others

Absent: Moon Tian Eng, Tony Ing

  1. Welcome: The Chair of the Association, Kent Ing, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.
  2. Trustees: There was a discussion about who would be signing authorities, or trustees (“then hoek gnen”), for the Association and how many would be necessary. The consensus was that there should be representation from old-timers, middle-aged and youth within the group. Nominations for the position of trustees included:
    1. Kent Ing
    2. Dave Ing
    3. Ken Ing
    4. Kam Tun Ing
    5. David Ing (contractor)
    6. Jerry Ng
    7. Susan Eng
    8. Ryan Ing, and
    9. Jack (Moon Few) Ing
      • Nominations for back-up Trustees are as follows:
    10. Liz Eng
    11. David Ing (Kent’s son/Ryan’s dad)
    12. Hen Gee Ing
    13. Jack Ing
    14. Moon Tian Ing (absent)
      • Action: A formal vote from the Low Kong Brotherhood Association membership will be needed to ratify the nominations.
  3. Status: Someone mentioned the Mark Family Association; because of their status as a charitable organization, money from the sale of their building is being held by their lawyer since it cannot be disbursed to shareholders, as there are none. This is different from Low Kong Brotherhood Association, which has shareholders.
    • However, discussion focused on the question as to whether the Low Kong Brotherhood Association (henceforth, “Association”) is incorporated as a charitable organization or not. Dave Ing, the Treasurer, believes that it is, as there was a letter issued by the government to waive having to pay income taxes.
    • David Ing (Kent’s son/Ryan’s dad) read the documents and based on his significant experience working with corporate contracts, proposed a different legal interpretation. He said the wording actually indicates that a member’s shares, upon their death, would revert to the surviving trustees of the Association, rather than to their heirs or beneficiaries. This caused rather a stir. But the Association has not in fact operated in that way, rather it has allowed shares to transfer to heirs. The document from July 1983 states that shares were transferred to the Low Kong Society & Tang Hew Low & Wai Jin Low from surviving trustees.
    • Further clarification is needed, perhaps requiring legal advice.
    • Action: Dave will pursue the advice of a lawyer, one who is Chinese- and English-speaking, so that all generations can understand him or her. When such is received, he will call a special meeting.
  4. Original Purpose of the Association: Susan mentioned that it was her son Michael who told her that Family Associations were unique to the wave of Chinese immigration that occurred in the early part of the previous century. Kent explained that because of the economic oppression and prejudice that our forefathers experienced, the Family Associations were their only means to borrow money, as banks would not lend to them. Diana said that Paul Yee, a well-known historian, can provide more information regarding this. This is of interest to the younger generations, as it gives them a sense of connection to their historical roots.
    • Action: David will create a non-Facebook based website that will have private and public pages. Our stories and history, as well as a copy of the letter that waives the requirement to pay taxes, will be added. Hopefully, we can leverage this to connect to members and their families, and to organize future events.
  5. Purpose of Nominations to Trusteeship: There were differences of opinion as to the purpose of the nominations. For some it meant taking responsibility to ensure that the Association continues to be viable, surviving to enable future generations to learn about their unique ancestral history, and as a way to maintain their family’s historical associations with other members’ families in the Association. If we go back far enough, all the Ings from the Low Kong area are related. For others, it was to oversee the sale of the property belonging to the Association.
    • Action: Further clarification is required as to the future of the building and the Association, which are two separate issues.
  6. Mid-Autumn Festival: After deciding the possible dates, Dave booked this (during the meeting) for September 30th.
    • Action: We will be prepared to collect contact information of attendees and also inform them of the website as a way to stay connected and share info and news.
  7. Next Meeting: August 6, 1:30 at 51 Huron The meeting was adjourned at 3:30.